Big Bang Theory? Darwin’s Theory of Evolution? Fate? So Murder Is OK Then?


The Big Bang Theory is a model explaining the early development and evolution of the known Universe. It begins with chaos – a hot, dense state which expands rapidly to convert energy in to subatomic particles, then atomic particles. This evolution eventually lead to the creation our galaxy, solar system and of Earth, which would in turn develop conditions favourable to the evolution of “life”.

From the primordial soup of elements developed amino acids which would join to form peptide chains.

Probability Versus Causality In Quantum Physics


Probability Versus Causality In Quantum Physics

It is claimed that quantum physics is based not on certainty (i.e. – causality) but on probability, and therefore Mother Nature places the cosmos ultimately under wraps, under a restriction that there just are some secrets that are Hers and Hers alone to know, and not for us mere mortals. However, truth be known, Mother Nature is just as restrictive at times even when probability doesn’t enter into the equation.

Tyrannosaurus Rex – The King of the Dinosaurs


Tyrannosaurus Rex - The King of the Dinosaurs

The Tyrannosaurus Rex, often abbreviated, T Rex is generally considered the king of the dinosaurs. As a matter of fact, the Rex in its name is latin for “King” while “Tyrannosaurus” means “Tyrant Lizard.” Put that all together, and this dinosaurs name translates to “Tyrant Lizard King.” Their fossils were found in the present western part of North America.

Computer Science Education Kits


A massive change is coming to the ICT curriculum, a subject that the government has now deemed irrelevant. As of September 2014 ICT will no longer be taught, instead the new subject of Computing will replace the old ICT syllabus.

This change has been implemented with backing from heads of industry. The department of education has said that it hopes the proposed changes will help England retain a competitive edge in the global digital economy.

The implementation of Computer Science may look attractive form an industry point of view; however what does it mean for teachers and pupils who have little or no experience of programming or understanding how a computer works.

Like myself, most teachers will have to learn this new subject as we teach it.

Wildebeest Migration – It’s Cooler Than You Think


Wildebeest Migration - It's Cooler Than You Think

Pick your favorite science phenomenon and explain what is happening; Here is the wildebeest migration the seventh wonder of the world, an annual event that involves a spectacular animal migration in the East African plains of Mara and Serengeti. This happens between the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and the Maasai Mara National reserve in Kenya.

The Logic of Networks Started When? The Fascinating History of Graphs


In the 14th century, Nicole Oresme first represented variability. He graphed the velocity of motion by using geometrical figures as images of different variations in motions and their magnitudes. This use of geometrical figures to depict functional relations between the time and magnitude of motion marks a significant level of abstraction.

A paper written by Leonhard Euler on the Seven Bridges of Knigsberg and published in 1741 is regarded as the first description in the history of graph theory.

NASA’s Nanotubes


Have you seen those really light bike frames and tennis rackets? Do you know how they are made? They are created by using carbon fibers. Nanotubes are grown in a laboratory using carbon to create what is commonly known as carbon fibers. This technology is expensive, but also yields products that are incredibly durable and very light.

NASA is using this same technology to do nanofabrication for a number of instruments. Let’s take for example a telescope. The inside of the telescope is painted black to eliminate the light that is reflecting through the lens.

Understanding the Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Types of Dementia


      Dementia, in French, means, crazy, madness or insane.

    Clues to dementia can be an inability to use the phonebook, a paranoid tendency that family members are spreading lies, opening cereal boxes from the bottom or bringing a reference manual to the neighborhood book club.

    If there are no sudden or big unexplained personality changes, we often think, Thats just what happens to the elderly,” but could it be something more?

    Dementia the Creeper

    People frequently accommodate their family members to avoid misunderstanding and confrontations.

Buy Ready-To-Use Disinfectants


Buy Ready-To-Use Disinfectants

Workers in medical laboratories and healthcare facilities need high quality disinfectants that offer protect against dangerous viruses such as those causing HIV, TB, and more. Ready-to-use disinfectants are now available as sprays and wipes which can destroy micro-organisms and stubborn bacterial spores on surfaces in susceptible environments such as operating rooms,dental surgeries,isolation rooms, patient care areas and laboratories.

Where to Use Clinical Disinfectants

All good cleaners have clear cut instructs on the label that tells you important facts such as how to apply the product to a surface,how long you need to leave it on the surface to be effective, if dilution is required,what kind of material compatibility it has and the type of pathogens it is effective against.

Disinfecting products should be used on surfaces that touch bare skin and surfaces that come in contact with uncovered infections.

Questions To Ask When Choosing a Lab Equipment Supplier


The healthcare industry has made rapid strides leading to an increased demand for reliable and efficient lab equipment. Physicians need to make quick decisions on treatment based on the results of laboratory tests and procedures. Only a reputable lab equipment supplier can offer quality medical lab equipment that provides accurate and timely results. Here are a few important questions that can help you choose the right supplier.

How long has the supplier been in business?

Look for industry experience when selecting a supplier.