Sapphire Optical Windows Perform in Demanding Applications

Sapphire Windows manufactured from single crystal sapphire are ideal for demanding applications such as laser systems, where high pressures, high temperatures, high thermal loads, vacuum conditions, scratch/wear resistance, low friction and corrosive atmospheres are important considerations. As a result, they are often used in research, medical, aerospace and military applications. Here are some reasons why.

• Except for diamonds, sapphire is the hardest crystal known to man. On the Mohs scale of hardness, which ranks materials from softest (1) to hardest (10), it is rated 9. Continue reading Sapphire Optical Windows Perform in Demanding Applications

Medical Device Production

It is amazing that modern science has advanced to an era in which we can make replacement hips, joints, insulin pumps, and other medical devices. These devices require precision and must be made under strict conditions. Before these items are used to help someone in a hospital, they are manufactured in a clean room.

What is a clean room? These rooms vary greatly, depending on what they are being used for, but generally speaking it is a controlled environment. These rooms are ranked according to an international standard called ISO 14644 which limits the amount of particulates that can be in a sample of the air within the room. Continue reading Medical Device Production