Big Bang Theory? Darwin’s Theory of Evolution? Fate? So Murder Is OK Then?


The Big Bang Theory is a model explaining the early development and evolution of the known Universe. It begins with chaos – a hot, dense state which expands rapidly to convert energy in to subatomic particles, then atomic particles. This evolution eventually lead to the creation our galaxy, solar system and of Earth, which would in turn develop conditions favourable to the evolution of “life”.

From the primordial soup of elements developed amino acids which would join to form peptide chains. These became more complex and eventually enveloped, resulting in the creation of coacervates. These would fuse with other coacervates and eventually these replicated by fission to form “daughter” coacervates. Simple single-celled “organisms” were formed. Single cells combined to give multicellular organisms. And so on – competitive advantages increasing the likelihood of survival and so the multicellular organisms evolved, into all life we have today on Earth. Including ourselves.

Scientific logic to explain our existence, commencing with energy and evolving in to an immense number of particles, each of which had a particular trajectory, rotation, speed and acceleration, and waves, each with a direction of travel, period, amplitude, wavelength and frequency. Each of which interacted with others, by chance forming Earth, and later, by chance, evolving in to you, the reader.

So logically, these particles and waves arising out of the early Big Bang have lead to human life. You can imagine them all interacting over time, to result in your creation. And logically it’s the same today, the process is still ongoing. Every particle and wave around you in the Universe is still interacting, and how they will do so is determined by their aforementioned properties.

Including the particles that are interacting with each other to produce your thoughts.

Continuing the logic, what you will do next is predetermined by the interactions between those particles and waves. Their properties five seconds ago developed in to their properties now. Try to do something non-predetermined, try to make a decision to do something you were not going to do before reading this article, and you can’t. It was always going to happen that you were going to read this article (fate) as the particles and waves that form and interact with you were interacting with each other leading right up to the present moment. These interaction lead to your “decision” to do whatever you did. Their interactions are still controlling what you are doing now.

So the same is true of someone who commits a murder. The murder was predetermined by the particles affecting their thoughts and everything else around them. How can you hold them guilty for that murder then, if you believe in the Big Bang, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution or fate? They couldn’t control it, for they are simply a mass of interacting particles, whose interactions have determined their course of action. Your morality has been invalidated. How can you retain a moral position, because there was never a choice? Where did your morality come from anyway? Other people – all affected by their own particle and wave interactions.

You will still look both ways when you cross the road. A sensible competitive advantage bestowed upon you by evolution. You interacting bag of particles, you.