Buying Recertified Centrifuges – What You Need To Know


Startup clinics, small labs, and hospitals which need of lab centrifuges but have budget constraints usually look to purchase recertified centrifuges as a cost saving alternative. Buying recertified centrifuges is not an easy job. There are some things you need to know to choose the right one.

Used lab centrifuges that those are returned are mostly because of very small defects or are sold off when labs need to purchase a more advanced model. The used equipment is purchased by leading lab equipment suppliers and refurbished before they are recertified and offered for sale. The centrifuges are first disassembled and parts replaced or repaired. They are then carefully inspected to see if they meet quality standards and original manufacturer’s specifications. The instruments are then recertified and offered for sale.

Recertified centrifuges offer the same benefits of a brand new device with ease of operation and ability to offer consistent, timely and accurate results. Here are some key factors to consider before purchasing a recertified centrifuge.

    Branded Equipment: Whether recertified or new, always purchase branded equipment. While maintaining the quality on all respects, a centrifuge from a leading manufacturer would ensure high performance and come with the necessary safety features. Leading brands offer different models, giving customers the flexibility pf choosing the right one for their application and budget. Recertified centrifuges from brands such as Beckman, Clay Adams, IEC, Shandon and Sorvall are available.
    Reliable Supplier: In order to get comprehensive benefits when buying branded recertified equipment, ensure purchase from a reliable supplier. This will help you acquire the product at a competitive price. Secondly, you don’t need to worry about the product being delivered on time. A good lab equipment supplier always ensures it is shipped in time to meet your needs. Moreover, you can choose from different models from a wide inventory. If the supplier has an online store, you can view and compare technical specifications, features and prices to make the right choice.
    Reasonable Warranty Period: One of the most important factors for purchase of recertified laboratory centrifuges is the warranty period offered by the supplier. Purchase your instrument from a supplier that offers a warranty period of at least 90 days.
    Service Contracts: Always choose a laboratory equipment supplier that offers standard service contracts for the products they supply. Minor issues may crop up and if you want to minimize equipment downtime, timely and efficient repair and maintenance are critical.
    Availability of Reagents, controls, and consumables: You should check to see if the supplier offers appropriate reagents, consumables and controls.

Getting recertified centrifuges at competitive rates without compromising on the functionality, durability and efficiency is possible when you choose the right lab equipment supplier.