Can We Use Dinosaur Eggs to Make Vaccines for Humans?


Can We Use Dinosaur Eggs to Make Vaccines for Humans?

As the coordinator for think tank we work very hard to solve the world’s problems. Of course there are some problems that seem almost insurmountable. Take influenza for instance, or this latest strain of bird flu right now in Asia. Right now they don’t think that it is being spread very quickly from human to human, but all that can change. If not this year, then perhaps next year there will be a new strain, and it will be much worse. One only has to read a few books on this topic to become acquainted with the real dangers.

You might like to read; “Bird Flu Pandemic” by Dr. Jeffrey Greene or “The Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History” by John Barry. Look if those books don’t keep you awake at night during flu season, hell, I don’t know what would. Of course, you can be assured that there are people devoting their lives to this challenge.

Folks at the CDC are hyper vigilant when it comes to the flu and advising on vaccines based on the most virulent strain of that particular season. Even DARPA was working on funding various new methods for rapidly making new vaccines in case of a fast moving pandemic, perhaps even using e.Coli to help make the vaccines quicker.

How do we normally make vaccines? Well, according to an article in Grow “Wisconsin’s Magazine for Life Sciences,” it stated; “Egg, meet virus. Tiny needles inject live viruses into fertilized chicken eggs. It takes about one egg to make one dose of vaccine, which means somewhere around 100 million eggs are needed to create seasonal flu vaccines. And that’s one of the major limitations of the current process.”

Now then, there was an article in the Wall Street Journal on April 11, 2013 titled; “Fossils Suggest Dinosaur Embryos Grew at Rapid Rate,” by Robert Lee Hotz stated that “A rare cache of fossil dinosaur embryos discovered in China reveals that these extinct behemoths grew faster in the egg than any animal known,” about five times faster. Ah, well then, why not combine the DNA with Chicken eggs and then we can grow larger eggs, extremely fast, five times faster and create 5-times the vaccines necessary during flu season for whatever strain we need that year?

Yes, this type of concept comes straight out of the science fiction movie Jurassic Park doesn’t it? Yes, but remember our modern medicine is advancing quickly, so as a far-fetched as this might sound, it is indeed possible, so I thought you might like to consider all this and think on it.