Dry Bath Incubators for Clinical Applications


The dry bath incubators available today are used in various clinical applications such as coagulation studies, enzyme reactions, inactivation of Sera, restriction digests, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), coagulation studies, DNA Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN), and much more. They come with advanced thermoelectric features that provide regulated dry heat for a variety of laboratory applications.

Uses of Dry Bath Lab Incubators

It facilitate the incubation of liquids at higher temperatures. Their construction allows the distribution of heat in a uniform manner. Variable sizes of the blocks are available to suit the applications of various tests. Compared to a water bath incubator, a dry bath incubator is more cost-effective as it requires less maintenance as there is not risk of water entering the tubes and interfering with reactions.

These lab incubators are of two types: analog and digital. Leading industry brands Benchmark Scientific and Boekel Scientific offer various models of analog and digital incubators. Benchmark Scientific offers a compact, personal digital dry bath incubator called the MyBlock Mini Dry Bath. This model is small enough to hold in your hand and can fit almost anywhere, even in cars or boats with a 12 volt power source. It features simple touch pad control with digital display, “set and walk away” temperature selection and great accuracy.

An analog dry bath incubator from Boekel Scientific facilitates applications such as restriction digests, melting agar, coagulation studies, COD denaturing DNA, BUN, in situ hybridization and Hot Start PCR. Boekel Scientific’s digital dry bath incubators feature PID microprocesser controlled temperature selection and excellent temperature stability with ‘set it and forget it convenience’. The 2-Block, 230V incubators that this manufacturer offers come with blocks that are interchangeable between analog and digital models. Temperature reading is easy with a large LED display.

Purchasing Dry Bath Incubators

When it comes to purchasing lab incubators, it is important to find the right lab equipment supplier. Purchase from an online store offering a wide variety of quality incubators is an ideal option for many reasons. You can browse the store and select your laboratory equipment carefully, go through the specifications and features at your own pace, and make an informed decision to purchase the right model that would meet your needs. This is also the best way to get a high quality product at the most competitive price.

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Browse online to find the right supplier. Make sure that the online store you choose offers the latest models of analog and digital lab incubators from industry leading brands. It’s important that the supplier also offers reliable and timely lab equipment services and repair for the laboratory equipment you purchase.