Four Dimensions Of Reality


A One Dimensional Reality has no perception of time or space.

There is no there, only here.

There is no then, only now.

The Atomic Holon is one dimensional.

An electron that is here has no perception of a proton that is over there.

It has no perception of its rotation, spin or orbit.

No perspective of its length, breadth or height.

No awareness of being a part of an atom within an atomic universe.

The one version of an electron is its own universe.

It has no concept or realisation of a multiverse of atoms with infinite space and eternal time.

It is not conscious of its eternal journey around its atomic nucleus.

Its consciousness is just here & now

Now-here – Nowhere!

A Two Dimensional Reality has no perception of a changing existence.

Here & There are the same.

Now & Then are the same.

A two dimensional state never changes its reality.

It is always here and always now with no distinction between you & me or them & us.

The Cellular Holon is two dimensional.

There is just the cell that is here & now.

There is no concept of a multi-cellular organism.

There is only a perception of a two dimensional organism that is a cell.

From the perspective of the cell, it is all there is.

It has no perception of its co-operation with other cells and other cellular organisms.

Its consciousness, that experiences here & there in space and now & then in time, is the one reality of a two dimensional cell.

A Three Dimensional Reality has infinite space & eternal time.

The continuous reality of time & space allows reality to change and to be different, relative to its time & space.

From the perspective of a three dimensional consciousness, there is only reality with changing time & space.

The Organic Holon is three dimensional.

It has here, there & everywhere.

It has now, then & always.

A three dimensional reality is always everywhere.

Its reality changes and evolves as it moves in space-time.

It allows time & space to change reality.

A three dimensional consciousness sees space & time as universal and therefore sees reality as universal.

A universal reality appears to have only one version of reality.

A Four Dimensional Reality has multiple versions of reality.

It has a perspective of length, breadth, height & depth.

Depth is the spiritual dimension of awareness.

It is measured in holons of existence.

A perspective of cosmic proportions is required to perceive a four dimensional reality.

The Cosmic Holon is four dimensional.

I see the cosmic proportions of our universe when I perceive it from a galactic perspective rather than a planetary perspective that is trapped within a solar orbit.

It requires a three dimensional physical consciousness to allow the addition of a fourth dimension of spiritual awareness.

I cannot see a fourth dimension with my physical eyes.

I can only intuit it with my spiritual insight and my super-conscious imagination.