How and When the Flashlight Came About – Flashlight History 101


During the 1890’s a gentleman named Conrad Hubert founded a company called American Ever Ready and with the assistance of dry-cell batteries and the latest invention of the electric hand- torch lit up the city of New York.

Conrad Hubert was an immigrant from Russian who experimented with an invention created by Joshua Cohen called the electric flower-pot in which he acquired the rights and started to massed produced them so he could sell them to the public.

To his surprise the pubic did not want a light up flower-pot and was left with a large inventory that he could not sell, but even worse a very large debt. Trying to salvage a portion of his investment he removed the tube, battery and bulb from the pot, added a lens and sold it as the electric hand-torch also known as the flashlight.

As it turned out it was a great hit and Hubert went on to form what was known as the Ever-Ready flashlight company which still in production today.

Conrad Hubert’s first carry around flashlights were made by hand from simple fiber and paper tubes, which he attached a brass reflector and bulb. With batteries being so weak and with primitive bulbs you would only get a momentary flash of light as of this came the name.

In 1906 Hubert formed the Ever Ready Battery Co. and eventually sold half of its interest for $200,000 to company named National Carbon Co.

A Little Flashlight History

    1898 – The first flashlight by EverReady was produced1902 – EverReady’s trademark first showed up on flashlight end caps1906 – The product name was changed from Ever Ready to Eveready1910 – A bulb with a tungsten filament was rolled out by Eveready1926 – The Eveready Company was first to place a hanger ring on their flashlights for storing or hanging where needed.1937 – Eveready came out with the first pre-focused bulb for flashlights. A good deal of ambient light was eliminated with the introduction of pre-assembled reflectors and bulbs and were more efficient.1956 – The acquisition of V.K. Song & Company LTD now known as (Sonca), by Eveready produced aluminum flashlights1966 – Molded thermoplastic flashlights were rolled out by Eveready1967 – Eveready came out with the first rechargeable flashlight1968 – A fluorescent lantern was first introduced by Energizer, these bulbs were more efficient and required less bulb replacements.1970 – The first push button, waterproof flashlight came out which was produced by Energizer and came with a switch that had warranty for life.1975 – Eveready came out with the economy light and is still today a very popular light1983 – Energizer produced its first hand-held flashlight with fluorescent lamps, and required less bulb changes and was more efficient than traditional lamps.1984 – The 2D Halogen light was brought out by Energizer and was much brighter than Krypton, Xenon and the traditional vacuum bulbs.1986 – Eveready Squeeze flashlight was first introduced and had more functionality and compact in size1996 – Energizer’s LED light was first introduced and came out as a squeeze flashlight. The LED allowed for a longer runtime and it never needed to be replaced1997 – The first branded light was first introduced by Energizer which was the BoublBarrel1998 – This year was EverReady’s 100 years in business and was the leader in portable light products2001 – A partnership between Energizer and Disney came about and Energizer produced branded flashlights for Disney and are still partners today. Energizer Disney Series products features Disney characters like Nemo, Cars, Winne-the-Pooh, and Tinkerbell2005 – Energizer launched EnergizerQuick Switch and the Trailfinder flashlights which use the (AA, C and D) batteries. The Trailfinder was manufactured with the outdoor and camping consumer in mind.2006 – Energizer produced what is known as the Weather Ready lights for emergency situations and came out with lights that could use different size batteries. They also rolled out their Hard Case product line which included the ( Hard CaseProfessional, Hard CaseWork and the Hard CaseTactical). These line were produced with the do-it-yourself, hardware, and tactical consumer in mind.2010 – Innovative packaging by Energizer was re-launched for all household flashlights and batteries which reflected their new design and brand.

EnergizerInductive Charger and the Qi wireless inductive charger came out.

Energizer today is still one of the most popular manufactures and leaders in the lighting and flashlight market.