How to Save Money by Purchasing Used Centrifuges


How to Save Money by Purchasing Used Centrifuges

Small labs, startup clinics, and hospices usually look up for ways to save money on the purchase of lab equipment. Buying used centrifuges which has been refurbished and recertified to meet the highest quality standards can help save a lot of money. Established laboratory equipment stores offer an excellent cost saving alternative by providing used centrifuges at a fraction of the cost of new devices.

Used Medical Centrifuges a Reliable Option

Used lab centrifuges are ones that have been returned to the supplier due to a small defect or devices that have been sold off by labs that are replacing them with more advanced models. Reliable lab equipment stores purchase such used lab centrifuges. Factory-trained technicians are assigned to inspect, test and repaired the devices. Defective parts are replaced. Once all the procedures are completed it, the equipment functions like new. In fact, the refurbishment process is carried out to ensure that the equipment meets original manufacturer’s specifications. They then offer the centrifuges for sale a price that is much lower than that of a brand new centrifuge. They are also offered with parts warranty, making them a very reliable alternative for labs with budget constraints.

Advantages of Refurbished Centrifuges

Buying recertified laboratory centrifuges has many advantages.

Quality products at Lower Rates: Refurbished products allow labs to purchase quality brands at lower rates than new. A new, branded product with advanced features is a heavy investment, but a refurbished model of the same product allows labs to enjoy the same benefits at a lower cost. This is a very useful option for startups.

Innovative Functionalities – Medical centrifuges with advanced features are essential for particle separation based on shape, density, size and viscosity. Accuracy and speed are ensured with a high quality product. Opting for a branded medical centrifuge that is recertified would ensure a device with advanced features. Recertified centrifuges come in different models and with functionalities such as rapid removal of fat particles in lipemic samples, accurate lipemic clarification, quick acceleration and smooth deceleration, and much more. A branded device would also come with advanced safety features.

Durability and Efficiency – Purchased of a used lab device from a reliable laboratory equipment supplier would provide a high quality instrument that works well and is efficient and durable.

Buy Used Laboratory Centrifuges Only From a Reputable Dealer

Buying from a reputable supplier can minimize the risks associated with purchase of recertified goods. They vouch for its safety and security and back their reconditioned products with effective warranties. They offer you the highest quality of services and prompt technical support when required.

Some prominent vendors offer services such as

    Yearly maintenance contract On-site maintenance and repair Prompt service Extended warranty coverage Quick product delivery

The right dealer, with its guarantee of quality, value, service, and selection, would have vast experience is the sale of recertified equipment. Partnering with such a dealer can make your investment in used centrifuges a smart one.