Medical Microscopes for Diagnostic Use


Medical Microscopes for Diagnostic Use

Microscopes are among the most widely used instruments in labs.Medical microscopes have an important role in diagnostics as they come with powerful features that allow viewing of a vast range of pathogens indicative of several diseases. Leading manufacturers offer state-of-the-art models for physician and veterinarian clinics labs handling pathology, hematology, cytology, immunology, and microbiology and medical research.

Quality Features for Enhanced Performance

Features may vary depending on brand and model. Heads may be binocular or trinocular. However, it would be ideal if your medical microscope offers the following features:

    Coarse and fine focus adjustments Lens with antifungal coating Reflection eliminated with high quality 10x wide field oculars coating Modifiable Iris diaphragm Tension control knob Titanium finished optics Rugged alloy construction Acid and reagent resistant coating Integrated mechanical stage with coaxial drive controls Rack and pinion alterable ABBE condenser Semi-Plan or DIN Plan optics Halogen lamp rheostat controlled illumination system

There are models with LED technology for bright field and epifluorescence microscopy, which ensure superior clarity and crisp imaging.This is especially useful for viewing several pathogens indicative of respiratory diseases, autoimmune diseases such as lupus and arthritis, celiac disease, tuberculosis, malaria, and for application in specialty areas such as rheumatology, pathology, gynecology, and nephrology.You can also find models ideal for tissue culture in which intricate and varied applications are the norm.Such microscopes are useful for observation and education or for professional research in a clinical lab. Features such as good depth of focus, field flatness, zoom and long working distance can improve specimen inspection accuracy and flexibility.

Most Demanded Medical Microscopes

LW Scientific is the industry leader delivering microscopes of diverse categories and has a rich collection of medical microscopes which are much demanding including the following.

    LW Scientific Revelation III-A Dual Binocular Teaching Microscope LW Scientific Revelation III-A Achro. Binocular LW Scientific Revelation III-A PLAN Binocular LW Scientific Revelation III-A Achro Trinocular with eyepiece LW Scientific Revelation III-A-M Achro. Monocular LW Scientific Revelation III-A DIN Achro. Binocular, LED

Purchase from an Online Lab Equipment Store

Shopping online for medical microscopes is easy, convenient and economical.Browse lab equipment stores to look up quality instruments offered by industry leaders like LW Scientific and Boekal Scientific. Medical microscopes are among the most widely used instruments in labs.Examine technical specifications and see whether they serve your diagnostic needs.A reliable lab equipment supplier would offer the instrument to you at prices which are much lower than original.