Pygmies Have Genes Our Over Populated World Could Use – Is This the Answer?


Over the years, I’ve talked to many futurists and people involved in the overpopulation problem here on Earth. Some of these gentlemen are involved in a rather large organization, and fairly politically astute. Others have perhaps philosophical reasons, as do some of scientists and science fiction writers who depict dystopia if humans continue to procreate at this rapid pace. In other words, we will run out of water, food, fossil fuels, and just about everything will enter an era of scarcity.

Many have reasoned that this is impossible because technology has been able to keep up with the problems and challenges as they grow – at least so far. This is one positive way to look at things, but it may not always be the case. One science fiction writer noted that if humans kept procreating at the current rate that in 4000 years, the total weight of all the humans on the planet would equal the weight of the planet itself. Obviously that’s not possible – do you see that point?

Is there a solution before we overpopulate ourselves into oblivion? Yes, let’s talk about this for second shall we? You see, on or about April 13, 2013 there was an interesting article on Dark Government titled; “Pygmies Seen Emerging From Forest for First Time,” which stated; “Rangers patrolling the Way Kambas National Park (TNWK) in Lampung claim to have sighted dozens of pygmies in a number of areas across the park.”

This might be the answer to over population, make humans smaller. It worked for the dinosaurs. Many people believe that the dinosaurs went extinct due to a massive volcano, an ice age, a comet hitting the Earth, or they starve themselves out of existence. I don’t believe any of those things were the only cause. In fact, I believe that the larger dinosaurs ran out of things to eat and as the climate got colder, and those animals were smaller and thus able to go underground or live in the remaining warm areas – they survived – the smallest of those species kept evolving.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest this is the case, and it doesn’t negate any of the other potential theories, as there may have been several factors over a 400 million year period. Now then, if the dinosaurs which did survive were those who evolved to be smaller due to less food supply, or harsh conditions, maybe if we used a smart mixture of pygmy genes. As our population grew eventually humans would all be smaller and therefore use fewer resources, and less food.

In many regards it would be like cutting the population in half considering the resources we use along with the food supply and amount of water needed. Do you see that point? Please consider all this and think on it.