Salaries of Medical Professionals


The field of medicine is a very noble profession and is also rewarding both financially and emotionally. Today, the demand for medical professionals has increased greatly due to the changes in lifestyle and the increased population of the world. Though medical professional salaries depend upon many factors, they are still very high compared to other fields.

Pharmacy technicians typically support and assist a licensed pharmacist in a hospital or other medical facility. The main job of pharmacy technicians is to interact with patients, make the prescribed medicines available and perform other administrative tasks. The pharmacist under whom they work guides them and reviews the medicines and solutions prepared by them. A pharmacy technician salary is on a lower side in the vast field of the medical profession. Their salaries usually are around $30,020 annually on an average. The salary and job of a pharmacy technician depends upon many factors like the level of education and training they have had, the experience they have in the industry, the pharmacist and medical facility they work in and the geographical location of the area they work in.

Medical assistants are people who work in the offices of medical professionals and physicians and support them in either clinical or administrative or both tasks so that the practice runs smoothly. On an average, the medical assistant salary ranges from $20,000 to a little over $40,000 annually. The salary and job of a medical assistant is dependent upon many factors like the medical professional for whom they work, the size of the medical facility they attend, the type of tasks they handle and the experience they have. Like other jobs in the medical field, there is a growing demand for medical assistants in the industry today.

A radiologist is a medical professional who makes the use of imaging technologies like ultrasounds, x-rays, radionuclide, electromagnetic and ionizing radiation to provide a proper diagnosis to patients and also to offer solutions to the diagnosis. A radiologist is highly paid and a medical professional with an MD in radiology can earn from $150,000 to as high as $500,000 annually. A radiologist salary depends on many factors like the sub-field in which he specializes, the place he chooses for employment, and his experience in the medical profession. In order to become a radiologist, one must study with dedication for 10 years and one must be ready for the time, effort and expenses required for this.

Though a lot of time, effort and money go into becoming a medical professional, the job satisfaction and the rising medical professional salaries will prove to be worth the effort.