The Most Popular Brands of Centrifuges


The Most Popular Brands of Centrifuges

Centrifuges are among the most demanded laboratory equipment and are used for various applications in medical and scientific laboratories. Regardless of the use, it is essential to purchase branded equipment to ensure reliability and durability. Leading manufacturers offer both floor and bench top models. The best way to purchase the equipment is to examine your requirements and choose a premium quality device based on this. This article provides an overview of the most popular brands of centrifuges.

    LW Scientific: LW Scientific is a leading manufacturer of various types of advanced lab equipment including centrifuges. Quality models include the LWS Universal 6-place SWING, LW Ultra 8 Variable Speed, and C5. Combo V24, a new product in the company’s portfolio is a combination centrifuge which meets all centrifuge needs, and offers variable speed and quiet, vibration-free operation.
    Thermo Scientific: Thermo Scientific offers both benchtop and general purpose centrifuge models. The IEC Centra 8 is a versatile benchtop model that offers the capacity and force of a floor model. This cost-effective instrument is ideal for use in small laboratories, hospitals, and physician office labs. It is available recertified.
    Unico: Unico is another established medical lab equipment manufacturer offering a comprehensive line up of top quality lab centrifuges. Their PowerSpin series features models offering user-friendly variable speed centrifuges that aid against error. All All PowerSpin models feature a timer and on/off switch as well as top features normally found only on much costlier units.
    Beckman: This brand offers both floor and benchtop centrifuges in its Spinchron series. The Beckman TJ-6 centrifugal system is ideal for biochemistry and clinical laboratory use. It features a TH-4 rotor with capacity up to two liters can reach speeds up to 5700 rpm.
    Sorvall: Sorvall offers quality centrifuge models blending superior functionality, excellent precision, simple operation, and versatility apt for present laboratory settings. Sorvall RC-5C is a super speed microprocessor controlled model with many useful features.
    Clay Adams: Clay Adams Cell Washer models are specially designed for blood grouping, blood typing and cross matching. They can be adapted for performing the Coombs test and other cell washing procedures.
    Separation Technology: Separation Technology offers PlasmaPrep ideal for coagulation studies and Slide Prep Plus, an affordable cytology model. HemataSTAT II Microhematocrit is ideal for measuring red blood cells in samples and can also be used in veterinary settings.

Block Scientific and The Drucker Co. also offer quality centrifuges for several types of lab applications.

Buying a Branded Centrifuge

To purchase a branded centrifuge at a competitive store, find a lab equipment supplier offering all these popular brands of centrifuges. A reliable supplier would have an online store where it easy to view and compare specifications and prices so that you can choose a model to suit your needs and budget. The ideal supplier is one that can provide both new and recertified centrifuge models, consumables and reagents, and prompt and efficient after-sales service to minimize equipment downtime.