The Perfect Crypto Trading Blogs As Per Your Requirement

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The term Bear is also used in stock trading. With this you indicate someone who expects a certain market (currency) to collapse soon and wants to profit from this. This can include selling (a lot of) coins at a high price and buying them back when they have fallen sufficiently. If enough coins are sold in large numbers, the market can indeed collapse.

Bearish or Bear Trend

A bearish trend is a term that investors use when a price falls sharply for a certain period.


Someone with a thick wallet who buys extremely large numbers of a coin for a bargain price, waits until the value has risen sharply, before selling the coins as quickly as possible (also known as: dumping). This person will get a good price for it, but because the dumped numbers are so high, the rate of the currency will also fall considerably.

You often see this happen after a coin has just been launched. The BearWhale will have bought large at an ICO and as soon as the coin is launched, the coin has already risen sharply in value or this will happen very quickly. At such a moment, the coin is dumped in large numbers, after which the rate falls. This course will recover in the long term. From XTR gateĀ  trading blog you can find the best deals now.


Party where you can buy digital coins with normal currency (usually via iDeal, Bancontact, transfer or credit card).

Bullish or Bull Trend

A bull trend is mentioned when the price is rising for a certain period.


A corruption of China, spoken in this way by Donald Trump several times in the media.


Online marketplace where coin trading takes place. Here are several of them, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Also not every exchange has all the coins. In order to trade in all currencies you will have to have accounts with multiple exhanges.