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Thanks to Peggy, Freida and Lara to their Own Beta Scanning. John recalled his response when she talked to him. He’d expected she went to request to be allowed off the channel. He frustrated with her was angry and expressed his displeasure in tone and words. She’d been the last man he believed would request to leave. She asked to be allowed within the isolation zone to take care of the ill. As he realized this was his heart had sunk. So little was known about this disorder; a chance was she wouldn’t come out alive. He’d attempted to convince her to not get involved, to not enter the Isolation Zone.

She was enthusiastic in her debate, and he couldn’t, as far as he wished to, so disagree with her rationale. Once he agreed to allow entrance to them He’d avoided looking in her eyes. He could possibly have been sending to her departure. It pained him to believe he may not even see her alive. He felt the light touch of her hands when he had begun to get C&C. She answered his unasked question of meeting ,”The place where no shadows fall giuong,” because she softly caressed his head. He stunned at his reaction and was surprised at her gesture that was intimate. His head to turn and kiss on her hands. It’d taken good care to resist that urge. He was given hope by her words.

He’d called because she turned to leave and advised me to call him”John” whenever they met . To let her know he’d be awaiting her return. He wished to run after her, then try and persuade her not to go when she bit her lip. But he knew it could be futile; he had been decided, and he knew why. They would need to stay with the end consequence of the choice. He had been waiting to be opened up, attempting to not allow his impatience series, wondering if she had been. On one level with a conversation together with Stephen, asking questions, responding to what has been stated. On a deeper level. Recognizing that the stress was there because he gave her consent to go into.