Vitamin D And The Connection To Strong Bones


Many studies have recently shown the importance of Vitamin D. We’ve always known this to be true, but our increasingly sedentary lifestyles and significant amount of time spent indoors are pointing to an increasing lack of Vitamin D.

Where does Vitamin D come from? The easiest way to get vitamin D is about 10 to 15 minutes of time spent in the sun. Our skin uses the sun to generate vitamin D, and it is actually beneficial for a host of functions in our body. These functions range from regulating our moods to keeping our bones strong.

Recent tests were conducted in a laboratory against bones that had sufficient amount of vitamin D versus those that were insufficient in vitamin D levels. What these tests found was that vitamin D helps our bones conduct an important process called “mineralizing” which is what makes our bones hard. Furthermore, these tests also showed that bones lacking vitamin D weren’t nearly as strong and that a lack of vitamin D was contributing to premature aging of bones.

Essentially, vitamin D helps our bodies absorb calcium, and when it is lacking our bodies pull calcium from our bones. Hence, when we don’t spend enough time in the sun our bodies are looking to fill the calcium void which in turn leads to weak bones. Replacing the vitamin D can help those bones return to strength and aid in calcium absorption.

So what can be done to help those lacking in vitamin D? The general consensus seems to be that we all need about 600 IUs of vitamin D per day. Of course, spending some time outdoors is the easiest way to acquire vitamin D, but there are other ways. Yes, it does occur naturally in food like fruits and vegetables, but not really enough to help some that are lacking the proper levels of vitamin D.

Although spending time in the sun is ideal, it isn’t always easy. Weather may not easily permit time outdoors, and people often have very busy schedules. If you can’t find time to get outdoors there is another solution.

One of the more unique ways to boost vitamin D levels is by taking a trip to the tanning salon. The same UV bulbs that are used to tan skin work similar as the sun to help our bodies create vitamin D. It is almost hard to imagine that between the walls of a tanning salon booth are the tools that help create stronger bones.

In conclusion, vitamin D is very important to our health. It helps our bodies absorb calcium and keeps our bones strong. Spend some time outdoors or take a trip to the tanning salon to keep your vitamin D levels where they need to be.