Woolly Mammoths Had a Built in Snorkel and They Were Very Buoyant


Okay so, a decade or so ago they had found some dinosaur bones on the Channel Islands, which is a very small group of islands not more than 20 nautical miles off the coast of California near Ventura County. The dinosaur bones belong to Woolly Mammoths and it was estimated that they lived not longer than 25,000 years ago. One could ask how they got there. Well, they may have walked there during the Ice Age when there was more on ice and/or lower sea levels, when the sea levels rose or the ice melted they were stuck on the islands.

So, maybe the sea level was just very shallow in places. Or maybe it wasn’t all that far. A Woolly Mammoth to me looks very buoyant, and it also has a built in snorkel. Therefore they could travel underwater walking on the sea floor, submerge like a submarine just below the water, or float above it. Maybe a one point those islands weren’t that far away, and the Woolly Mammoths decided to go there to get away from other predators, as in humans hunting them, there are some ancient Indian tribes which have also lived in the Ventura County area. Although they did make boats, it’s hard to say if they would go on those boats to go hunting on the islands.

In the scope of things, 25,000 years isn’t all that long ago. It is true that during that time period the local Indians may not have been so good at making oceangoing watercraft, rafts, or canoes – or lived in the area in any large numbers if at all. Maybe once the Indians were able to do that, they went and hunted the Woolly Mammoths to extinction. The reality is we just don’t know, but we know the Mammoths did live there 25,000 years ago because of the bones. We also know that those are islands, and they are separated. Could it be that those were some of the last remaining members of that species?

Most of the dinosaurs did not make it so close to the emergence of upright walking primates, but it is obvious that Woolly Mammoths did inhabit the earth at the same time as modern man. Maybe what killed the dinosaurs wasn’t a warming period, but rather an Ice Age, something that these prehistoric creatures could have handled or adapted for, just as the Buffalo did.

Although this is all speculation, and we really don’t know, it adds to the intriguing mystery of the Channel Islands area and they are quite a majestic small chain of islands. We can only speculate, contemplate, and wonder. There is nothing in the written record that gives us any more clues. Please consider all this and think on it.